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Updated 5/2014

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Bits About Bites

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Children are more likely to be bitten by a dog than adults and many bites will be to the face.

Dog bites are one of the top three reasons a child will need to visit an emergency room.

Dog bites are one of the most common reasons a child will need some form of cosmetic reconstruction to repair damage.

Any dog is capable of biting - regardless of breed or cross: there is no 100% safe breed or cross.

More children will be bitten by dogs known to them (in the child's house or owned by a friend or relative) than dogs unknown to them.

Unneutered males have the highest incidence of bites - unspayed females are second.

(Data from AVMA, CDC and various other sources)

It is when we assume children and dogs are natural buddies, just like "Timmy" and "Lassie" that trouble begins.  We blind ourselves to the fact that any dog can bite and any child can behave in ways that can encourage a bite - even in play.

Many bites are preventable through education of child, parent and dog owner.

The topics covered can apply to any one of any age!


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