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Updated 5/2014

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Am I Ready for A(nother) Puppy or Dog? by Karen Peak

This book is available directly through the publisher (click here

Amazon.com - paperback versionkindle version

Barnes and Noble - online only - paperback

Books-A-Million - online only - paperback

Kingdom Pet Supply - electronic .pdf download

 ISBN-13: 9780615597812

If you are interested in bulk ordering for resale, please contact Karen at Karen@WestWindDogTraining.com and put "Book Order Inquiry" in the subject line.


Book Description

Many people want a dog or to add another dog to their lives. The success a dog will have in your home begins with the work done long before you open your wallet. The following topics are discussed:

Are you considering a dog?

Why do you want this dog?

Is this your first dog?

Do you have other pets?

Do you have children?

What should you consider before bringing home a dog?

Should you get a puppy or an adult?

Should you get a purebred or crossbred?

Where should you get your dog?

How do you choose a breeder or a rescue group to work with?

Is adopting a special needs dog the right choice for you?

What supplies should you have on hand?

What services should you investigate before getting a dog?

Is this really the best time in your life for a dog?

So many questions to consider! Am I Ready for A(nother) Puppy or Dog? is a short book designed to help guide you through this process. What do you need to consider from the perspective of a dog trainer who also has a background in rescue and with various dog clubs. Learn from the successes and mistakes of others so you can make the best possible choice for your life and that of the dog. The better prepared you are, the greater the chance of a harmonious relationship.


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