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Updated 5/2014

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Free Online Book

Before you look at the site - please read the Picture Notes page.

This was originally designed as a downloadable e-book that was for sale to help pay for The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project programs.  However, it was decided it could do more good if allowed to be free! Please click on the picture below to continue into the FREE e-book!

Dear Karen,
I am Mansi, from Bangalore, India. We are a team of youngsters who have
started an awareness initiative in our locality. Dog bites are on the rise
in our area & every time that happens, people become meaner to dogs. The
cycle is never ending. So we , a bunch of youngsters who have started this
initiative called Humane Hope which teaches children to be kind to animals.
We also include dog bite prevention c;lasses for them. I came across your
book & I honestly think, it beats all other resources. Your pictures are
brilliant & very simple for kids here to understand. Could we please use
your book as resource material for teaching these kids. We will give credit
to you as the author. Please, kindly give us permission to use it. You can
check our initiative out on Facebook. We dont receive any grant/donation of
any sort. it's a completely self funded initiative. Please oblige.
Waiting for your reply.
Thank you.



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