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Updated 5/2014

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Before you look at the site - please read the Picture Notes page.

These are various links to help you learn more about dogs, dog behavior, child development, etc.  There are also sites with fantastic information about breeds or dogs to help you research what dog is best for you and your family.  None of these links should be used in place of professional assistance should there be a problem or even the potential for a problem.  if you question anything with your dogs and/or children, be it behavioral or medical, seek assistance immediately!  It is your duty as a responsible person to do so.

Information about dog care and training:

American Veterinary Medical Association

West Wind Dog Training

Pet Professional Guild

Clicker Training - Karen Pryor's website

Super Dog

Practical Pet Care

Information on dog breeds

American Kennel Club

United Kennel Club

Information on child development

Society for Research in Child Development

Child Development Info

American Academy of Pediatrics

And a wonderful site from San Diego

How To Love Your Dog

Superb site with loads of baby & dog info from Jen Shyrock

Family Paws

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