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Updated 5/2014

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Picture Notes

Before you look at the site - please read the Picture Notes page.

Years ago I put a call out for pictures of kids and dogs.  Sadly over the years and a few computer crashes, I lost information for a lot of the pictures and I am sorry.

I wanted a variety of pictures that showed kids and dogs in a variety of situations. Some are safer and if you look, others may not be as safe as the people submitting the pictures thought. 

In all the contained pictures, these dogs were raised and worked with by knowledgeable dog people.  They have been well trained to tolerate a child's antics, etc., as seen by the tolerance levels shown by many of these dog to what the children are doing. Even in some of these pictures you can see signs of stressed dogs - they are just showing a great level of tolerance though in many dogs, the tolerance will not last. At some point the tolerance may wane and then what?  Supervising does not work alone because all these dogs are supervised.

PLEASE do not allow your child to crawl on or ride your dog - it can lead to injury of the dog and even the child. Your dog may lose tolerance for children and this can lead to a serious incident.  No dog should be expected to put up with many of the things I see parents demand of the dog. Some of the things I have seen parents demand dogs tolerate include:

Being stood on, ridden like horsed, body parts pulled, teased, poked at while crated, yelled at, kicked at, toys thrown at, hit, tackles while eating or sleeping, and many other things that can affect how the dog views a child and lead to a serious bite if the issues are allowed to presist.

Ideally, kids and dogs should never be together out of our sight.  However, in a real world, things happen (like a salesman at the door) and the dog and child sneak out of sight. This is when the training and proofing we have done with our dogs and children is tested.

Be aware that many of the things the children are doing in these pictures can and often will lead to a bite!

Please do not e-mail me if you wish to complain about the choice of pictures. I chose them for a reason.

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