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Updated 5/2014

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In March of 2003, The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project applied for a small grant through the Virginia Department of Health Center for Injury and Violence Prevention. Happily, we were awarded the grant!  As part of the grant, I developed even more materials for public and educational use and keep building eventhough the grant has long run out.  Yes, I do this 100% out of pocket now that the grant money has run out.

These can be downloaded for personal use.  If you wish to use them as part of an educational program, please contact me first.  Please do not link directly to these as it does eat up bandwidth. You can save them to a file and then upload to your site from there. Please email for permission before doing this and do not alter the materials in any way other than printing grayscale to cut costs or double siding.

You will need Acrobat Reader for these. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you may download it here.

Please note, these are not to replace professional assistance. If you are worried about a situation, seek professional intervention before tragedy happens. 

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The original was written in 2003.  It was updated in November, 2013 to remove older information and to reflect my growth in dogs, dog behavior and training.

A Family Guide to Dog Safety

This is a redo of the old dog safety for cyclists and runners still available at the bottom of this page.

Dog Safety for the Outdoor Lover


Trigger Stacking - Stress Adds Up

Trigger Stacking


Understanding Puppy Biting and Bite Inhibition

Biting and Mouth Manners


Keeping your dog safe

When Police or Rescue are Called


Dog Park Safety

Basic Dog Park Information

Basic Dog Body Language and Dog Park Interactions


Veterinary Clinic Safety

Preparing for Visits (tips to teach your dog what he should know)

Waiting Area Tips for the Owner

Waiting Area Tips for the Veterinary Staff



  A Dog for the Kids

This is a short booklet designed to get parents thinking about what adding a dog to a family means and resources for further education if you decide you are ready to seriously think of adding a dog to your home.


Dog Safety for Students

Tips to stay safer walking to and from school, at the bus stop and if you see a dog in the school yard.


Dog Safety for the Owner

Tidbits for more responsible dog ownership


Dog Safety for the General Public

Preventing injury through education (general information)


 Prenatal/Preadoptive Dog Safety

Before you bring home baby (expecting and adoptive parent information)


Dog Safety for Field Workers

Before you enter that yard (delivery men, postal workers, various meter readers, etc.)


Dog Safety for the Breeder/Rescue

Ideas for the breeder/rescue to help encourage responsible ownership


Safety for the Runner/Biker/Walker

Many of us like to exericse but our actions combined with irresponsible owners can increase our risk.


Good Morning Karen,

I found your publication on "A Family Guide to Dog Safety" and I was
wondering if I can make copies of this publication to use as part of
my Kennel Management class to high school juniors. We would be using
this publication to discuss canine safety.

Thanks so much.

Mrs. Devon O'Keefe
Ledyard High School
Ledyard, Ct 06339




"Hi.. My name is Janelle Chavez.. I am on the Valencia County Animal Control Advisory Board.. I have been looking for printable  material that we can give out to children to help prevent dog bites.. I really like your printable material-- would you mind if we printed it out for the shelter workers to carry on their trucks to hand out.. Thank you very much
 Janelle Chavez


My name is Brian Weed I am an Animal Control Officer in Juneau Alaska.
I work for a non-profit company called the Gastineau Humane Society.
It is a combination of Animal Control and an Animal Shelter. With
your permission we would like to use some of your printables with our
Kids Safe day coming up here in Juneau. Animal Control has been
involved in the kids safe program for many years now, but I find some
of our material is outdated information, I was referred to your
website, and I think it is excellent information that I would like to
share with the parents/dog owners of Juneau, Alaska.

Thank you so much.

-Brian D. A. Weed
Juneau Animal Control


Dear Karen, I'm writing on behalf of the Dar Animal Haven, which is a rescue
organisation based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We are a voluntary non-profit
organisation, working predominantly with dog & cat rescue, rehoming,
sterlisation campaigns and education.

Our website is: www.daranimalhaven.org

May we have your permission to use some of your educational material,
particularly regarding saftey for children?

Thank you

Sonja Tiscenko

And thank you to Andrea Lloyd, Dandy Dawgs for using these materials too! 


 Golden and baby courtesy of R. Mclean


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