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Updated 5/2014

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SK/SD Talks

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"Seven" a Great Pyrenees at her first Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Presentation, owned by West Wind Dog Training

The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project is located in Prince William Cointy Virginia between Fredericksburg and Washington , DC.  If you live in this region and would like to host a Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project talk, please contact Karen Peak at 703-730-8429 (M-F 10am - 7pm Eastern) or email at Karen@Westwinddogtraining.com and put SK/SD Talk in the subject line.  To learn about upcoming public talks, please click here.  I am willing to travel outside this region if possible.

The cost is free to non-profit organizations, schools, libraries, etc. However, you may be asked to photocopy the handouts or reimburse for copying fees.  If travelling outside the area is required, you may be asked to reimburse travel fees if possible (if a hotel stay is needed).

If you are interested in developing dog safety programs in your region, I am happy to help.  Please use the above contacts.  You will be provided with lecture notes, handouts and tips on how to promote a program on your community.  There is NO cost for the start-up materials if you have email and can accept Word Documents.


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