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This project is done 100% from my own pocket.  I do not ask payment for any of the resources I provide.  However, I do ask that they are not altered in anyway unless it is to print grayscale or double sided to save costs. Please give proper credit back to The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project.



These are all .pdfs.  Do not link directly to them as it takes up bandwidth which costs me.  You can right click and save them to a file.


A Family Guide to Dog Safety - 2013 (booklet)

A Dog for the Kids (booklet)

ABCs When You Need To Call Police/Fire/Rescue

What is This Dog Saying?

Dog Safety To and From Schools and Bus Stops

Dog Park Safety - Etiquette

Dog Park Safety - Green Lights and Red Flags

Safety for the Outdoor Lover

Vet Clinic Safety - Preparing for Visits

Vet Clinic Safety - Waiting Rooms

Vet Clinic Safety - Staff Notes




The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project